Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival (23 March 2014)

     Here we are, another edition of Sunday Snippets, wherein about a dozen of us bloggers of the Papist persuasion post a collection (a summary, if you will, but a summary with links; I like to think of it as more of a “clearinghouse”) of our work for the week. Our individual summaries are linked in turn to the main collection (the “Mother Ship”, one might say) at This That and the Other Thing (link here).  The result is a sort of Romish Blog Fair, a Catholic Carnival.  Take a look if you don’t believe me.
     This was a big week for Saints:  St. Patrick Monday, St. Joseph Wednesday, and the traditional feast day for St. Benedict Friday (since 1970 his liturgical feast has been celebrated on July 11).  That’s not a bad line-up.  As you’ll see, I have posts relating to the first two, below.  While St. Benedict does not get his own post at Principium et Finis this week, his picture graces this edition of Sunday Snippets.

Monday  - “Chalk One Up For The Good Guys” [link].  Kudos for young actor who quits a sleazy but lucrative sitcom for the sake of Christ.

Tuesday –  “A Prayer For Our Times: The Breastplate Of St. Patrick” [link] Yes, yes, I know I published this the day after St. Patrick’s feast day.  I was writing it on St. Patrick’s day, really . . . Anyway, if you want to be properly armored for the Spiritual Warfare headed your way, St. Patrick has the prayer for you.

Wednesday – “A Prayer For Fatherhood: The Litany Of St. Joseph” [link]  And here’s the perfect champion for our modern-day battles against the Evil One, and another powerful and timely prayer.

Thursday – “Abortion Myth # 8” [link].  Can a person really be “personally opposed” to abortion, but at the same time “pro-choice”?  Will the Cubs win the World Series?

Friday – “Feed Your Mind And Soul: The Office Of Readings” [link] The title says it all. Part of a continuing series on the Liturgy of the Hours.
Saturday - And to close our the week, a selection from Bach's St. Matthew [link].