Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Abortion Myth # 9

 MYTH: “It is cruel to bring children into the world when they will be unwanted and abused.  Every child should be a wanted child.”

There is no logical or moral argument for killing an unborn child to save him or her from potential abuse; there are actually quite a few fallacies in the statement above:

-          What is truly cruel, and always wrong, is to take an innocent human life.  Killing is the most extreme form of abuse.

-           We are all “brought into the world” when our life begins, at conception; it’s too late to prevent it well before the earliest abortions.

-          It is also wrong to place a value on someone’s life because of how much another person, even their mother, wants them.

-          Accordingly, it is no more “compassionate” to kill an unborn child than it is a two year old, or for that matter, a ten year old. If a parent truly doesn’t “want” their child, the child can be put up for adoption because . . .

-          Every child is “wanted” by somebody: there are over a million families waiting to adopt at any given time.  There are lists of families who will gladly adopt babies with any sort of medical condition and from any ethnic background.

-          “Everyone agrees that children should be wanted . . . When it comes to the unborn, the pro-choice position is captured in a different slogan: ‘Every unwanted child a dead child.’” (Randy Alcorn, Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments)

-          Countries that legalize abortion report sharp increases in child abuse.  In the first ten years after the legalization of abortion in America, child abuse increased over 500%.  (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Report, National Study on Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting, the American Humane Association, 1981 & 1991; 1977 Analysis of Child Abuse and Neglect Research, Us Dept. of H.E.W., 1978)
-          Moreover, it makes no sense to destroy someone now because of a lesser hurt that may never happen, or whose actual impact is impossible to predict.

-          Many people experience abuse or other forms of deprivation in childhood and still have happy and successful lives.  The above statement implies that only comfortable lives are worth living.

-          Do a Google search of “famous people not aborted” or a similar phrase and you will find lists of well-known people who were born into neglect, deprivation or abuse, such that many people would have considered it more prudent to abort them.  On these lists you will find names such as Beethoven, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jazz singer Ethel Waters, Steve Jobs, even, oddly enough, pro-abortion stalwarts such as Cher and Barack Obama.  Was it “cruel” to allow these people to live?


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