Thursday, February 20, 2014

Free the Romeikes!

     The issue of illegal immigration is a complicated one.  There are legitimate arguments in a number of different directions that are due serious consideration – even though serious consideration all too often takes a back seat to emotional posturing on all sides.  It is unconscionable, however, that a government that refuses to make any concerted effort to enforce the law in the case of millions who have come here illegally is going all-out to expel one family that has come here legally: the Romeikes, who have requested asylum because the government of their native Germany has threatened to take their children away if they don’t cease homeschooling and entrust their children to the government school system [link].  The Romeikes are evangelical Christians, who do not wish to subject their children to the un -Christian value system that holds sway in the official schools.

     The Obama administration and its Justice Department don’t believe that using the power of the state to take children from their parents constitutes persecution.  We know better.  I’m asking all of you to pray for this family, and to speak out about the unjust actions of our government in this case.