Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Is Just Beginning!

  I have a vivid memory of a Christmas years ago, shortly after my return to the Faith, seeing the Christmas tree literally hurled through the front door on the afternoon of Christmas Day (this at the home of relatives who shall remain unnamed).  I was struck by how switched-around things had become, how the commercial “holiday season” had so thoroughly subverted the traditional liturgical “Christmas Season”.  Since that time my Lovely Bride and I have been looking for ways to preserve and honor Advent as a season of penitence and preparation, and Christmas (all of it) in its proper place, as “Christ’s Mass”.   
      We have found this endeavor to be more difficult than it sounds: it’s hard to be penitential when everyone around you is celebrating, and hard as well to celebrate when everyone else is worn out from revelry.  I was musing on all this as I sat in the pew before Midnight Mass, and it occurred to me that, since I have a blog, one thing I could do is to post something specific to each of the Twelve Days through the Christmas Season.  It need not be something long or involved (in fact, brevity would be a plus), but it should be relevant.  I began planning my posts on the spot: you can see my posts for Days 1 and 2 here and here.
     I suspect that it might become difficult to keep it up as the Christmas Season approaches its end, but part of the purpose of the Twelve Posts of Christmas is to keep myself focused on the real “Reason for the Season” as Christ’s Church has given it to us; I hope to help others to do the same.  Merry Christmas to all!