Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival (Trinity Sunday 2014)

     Welcome to Sunday Snippets yet again.  Today is Trinity Sunday, on which we commemorate the unique and absolutely necessary Christian doctrine that God is simultaneously One and Three.  The word “Trinity” is the Anglicized form of the Latin Trinitas which was apparently coined by Tertullian in the early third century.  It is a combination of the prefix tri- (three) and unitas (unity).  I once took a class from a gentleman who was fond of saying that it’s almost impossible to discuss the Trinity in detail without falling into heresy. I’m sure he was only half-serious, although if you’ve ever wondered why Tertullian isn’t “Saint” Tertullian, well, he fell into heresy later in life . . . probably only a coincidence. If you want to hear from someone who’s not afraid to talk about the Trinity, try Fr. Barron here.

     Now, where was I? Ah yes, Sunday Snippets, A Catholic Carnival, a weekly gathering of Catholic bloggers who share their posts from the past week in a spirit of conviviality and good blogsmanship under the auspices of RAnn at This That and the Other Thing [main get-together here].

     Various complicating factors left less time than usual for bloggery here at Principium et Finis, but I still managed to squeeze out a few items:

Monday - The topic of how one dresses for Mass seems to be one of those “hot button” issues that everyone feels strongly about.  Not everyone liked it, but “Dressing For The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb” [here] received more page views in less than a week than any other post in the entire time since I started this blog at Christmas.

Tuesday - If you’ve seen much of Principium et Finis, you’ve probably figured out that I have a particular fondness for a certain composer from Salzburg.  I’ll have more to say about him in the coming week; this past week we enjoyed the beautiful:  “Mozart – Great Mass in C Minor – Gloria In Excelsis Deo” [here].

Thursday – They say that if you tell the same lie boldly enough, and often enough, a certain critical mass of people will just assume it’s true.  The abortion industry has raised this principle to an art form.  This week’s Big Lie is something about women and doctors; they don’t take it seriously themselves, and hope you won’t take the time to examine it for what it is . . . but that’s what the “Abortion Myths” series is all about:  “Abortion Myth #7 (Throwback Thursday Edition)” [here]

Friday – I’ve found myself more and more looking at the less well-known Saints.  After all, what can I say about St. Anthony of Padua that hasn’t already been said many times, by commentators more eloquent and knowledgeable than me? But anyone with “St.” in front of his name has a story worth telling, so this week I shine the spotlight on “St. Peregrinus: Martyr and Pilgrim” [here]

That’s it for this week – I hope to see you again next Sunday!