Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival (6 April 2014)

     Sunday Snippets time again, the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd . . . well, not that kind of carnival, but  a Catholic Carnival of bloggers under the Big Top at This That and the other Thing [here] where RAnn is the ringmaster, so to speak. 
     Here at Principium et Finis the calendar says spring, but outside Winter is very reluctant indeed to let up his grip.  The backyard is at that curious point where there are bare spots in some places, and snow more than a foot deep in others:

     The week was a little like that as well.  Here’s the round-up:

Sunday: “Mozart Requiem ‘Rex Tremendae Majestatis’” [link] – another magnificent Lenten music clip.

Monday: “When is a movie not just a movie?” [link] – in which I express the view that it does, indeed, matter what we, and more importantly, our children, watch.

Tuesday: “What Would St. Paul Do?” [link] – I explore the principle I discuss in the previous day’s post in relation to the movie Noah.  This is not a review, mind you, since I haven’t seen the movie; this is more an explanation why I don’t intend to see the movie.  Others disagree.  Whatever.

Wednesday: “Evening Prayer: 2nd Hinge Of The Liturgy Of The Hours” [link] – the latest in a series about the Divine Office for laypeople.

Thursday: “Abortion  Myth #1” [link] – A Throwback Thursday re-run of the first in a series.  This one punctures the myth of "thousands" of women dying yearly in illegal abortions.

Friday: “Bach – St. Matthew Passion” [link] – more Lent music; it doesn’t get any better than this.

More Friday: “Dispatches From The Culture Wars” [link] – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Final item, the question of the week: “What do you think about women wearing mantillas or other headcoverings to church?”  Answer: I like it.