Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival & Hands Around the Capitol 2015

     Ah yes, another Sunday, another Sunday Snippets (A Catholic Carnival, don’t you know).  This is the first Sunday in a while that hasn’t been a solemnity of some sort, but that doesn’t mean that it’s just another Sunday: every Sunday is a commemoration of the Resurrection, a Little Easter . . . but I was talking about Sunday Snippets, wasn’t I?  It’s a weekly gathering of Catholic bloggers who gather here, at This That and the Other Thing (home of the esteemed RAnn) to share the fruits of their bloggery from the previous seven days.

Red roses representing years since Roe vs. Wade
     Before I get to my snippets from Principium et Finis, however, I’d like to share a little about where I was Saturday.  This coming Thursday will be the 42nd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s notorious Roe vs. Wade decision, which wiped out the abortion laws of all fifty states and created de facto abortion on demand in the United States; there have been an estimated 57 million legal abortions since that time.  Here in Maine we observe this sad anniversary with an event called  Hands Around the Capitol on the Saturday prior,  in which we hold a rally at the St. Michael’s (formerly St. Mary’s) gym, followed by a march to the State Capitol. Here, as participants hold hands in a ring around the entire building, one person rings a replica of the Liberty Bell on the Statehouse grounds once for every year since the Roe decision, while another places one rose beneath the bell at each tolling; this year 42 red roses lay in the snow at the end.
     A highlight of the rally this year was the return of pro-life governor Paul LePage.  When he spoke last year, he was a conservative, pro-family, anti-abortion governor seeking an unlikely re-election in a state dominated by the political left.  Seemingly oblivious to his tenuous political situation, he gave an impassioned speech denouncing abortion and praising the traditional family (see my account here).  He came back this year after winning more votes than any governor in Maine history, but he didn’t sound any different: abortion, LePage said, was robbing us of our future in a state where “more people are dying than are being born”, and the key to solving social problems like poverty is “getting the family unit back together”, to which the first step is “a man and a woman to take care of the children.”  Obvious, maybe blindingly obvious, but how many politicians have the political courage to come out and say it?
Governor LePage greeting rally participants
     Something new this year is that we have, in the words of Maine Right to Life Executive Director Theresa McCann Tumidajski, “the first United States Representative from Maine to call himself ‘proudly pro-life.’”  That would be Bruce Poliquin, newly elected congressman from the 2nd District.  Poliquin also gave a heartfelt defense of human life, even though he serves in a state where left-wing and pro-abortion groups have tremendous clout, and despite the fact that the Democratic leader in the U.S. House, California’s Nancy Pelosi, was hard at work trying to bring about his defeat in the next election even before he was sworn in (see here).
     Now, some will say that politicians will talk, but that it really doesn’t make any difference in the end.  When it comes to the right to life, pro-life laws and government officials do, in fact, make a difference, as I will show later this week in "Abortion Myth #17".  Also, the fact that these two men have been elected at all (in addition to a growing number of like-minded state senators and representatives) shows that there is hope for life.

   More photos from Hands Around the Capitol are posted below; meanwhile, here are snippets from the past week at Principium et Finis:

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Saturday - Hands Around the Capitol:

Brothers Jamie & Jared McCabe present a "Chalk Talk" at the rally

Governor LePage and young pro-life constituents in St. Michael's gym.

Pro-life Mainers gather at state capitol building

"Hands Around the Capitol"

Knights of Columbus with Blaine House (governor's mansion) in the background