Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival (27 July 2014)

     Happy Sunday! Welcome yet again to “Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival”, a weekly gathering of Catholic bloggers in which we share our posts for the week past. Here is a link to the main conclave on the Mother Ship, This That and the Other Thing, captained by RAnn.

The Graduate and his Father (your author), 1997
     I don’t have time for much commentary today, as we’re celebrating the high school graduation of our eldest of five children.  It’s a happy occasion, but at the same time I won’t be the first, or the last, to reflect with a little sadness on the swiftness of time and the elusiveness of memory.  As the old song goes, “Where are you going my little one, little one . . . “.  It does seem in the time it takes to “turn around” the little toddling fellow I used to sweep up in my arms has become a young man who towers over me, preparing to set out on the first stage of his new life outside the confines of the family home.  At the same time, it causes me to reflect a little bit on the nature of God, how since he stands outside of time, all time is present to him at once.  Maybe Heaven is a little like that for us, if by God’s Grace we arrive there: fully experiencing all the joyful moments, not as fleeting impressions amidst our other activities or dim memories, but as forever, simultaneously, and gloriously present, Deo volente.

     But on to the week at Principium et Finis:

Monday -  I’ve loved this piece of music for a long time – but you need to listen to find out why: “Vivaldi – Concerto for Two Trumpets in C Major (RV537)” [here]

Tuesday - An essay on why Progressivism is incompatible with Catholicism : “’Progress’ Is Not Progress” [here]

Wednesday – Wednesday was the feast of a Saint who wasn’t that successful . . . by the World’s standards: “St. Bridget of Sweden, Patroness of Successful ‘Failures’” [here]

Thursday – Even busy laypeople can participate in the Liturgy of the Hours, illustrated with a painting of Stonewall Jackson at prayer.  Yes, I know he wasn’t Catholic, but he was certainly a Christian, definitely busy, and, well, he prayed a lot. “The Liturgy of the Hours and You (LOH 3 – Throwback Thursday Edition) [here]