Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival (1 June 2014)

Christ has ascended, the Holy Spirit is yet to descend upon the Disciples gathered in the Upper Room and we find ourselves celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection on the 7th Sunday of Easter. 
     It being Sunday, it is also time for another “Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival”, a weekly gathering of Catholic bloggers who share their blog posts from the past week.  You can beam up to the Mother Ship here, at This That and the Other Thing, captained by our fearless leader RAnn.  Below you can find the links for this particular outpost, the space station known as Principium et Finis.

We observed St. Joan of Arc's Feast Day Friday, May 30
  As I have said before, I don’t intentionally set out to follow certain themes in a given week, but sometimes something in one post sets off a spark that leads to another; other times it just happens.  We had a little of both this week, as we explored the connection between the decay of public morals and the decline of peoples and states.  The advocates of relativism, libertinism, and other unsavory “ isms” try to ridicule those of us who try to stand for the good, the true, the right, etc. as prudes who are simply out to spoil the fun and glower self-importantly at everyone else.  On the contrary, nothing is more practical than morality and moral behavior, because without it everything else falls apart.

Monday – The previous weeks’s post on St. Julia of Corsica [here] reminded me of certain statements I had heard attributed to Fr. Joseph Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict XVI; looking into those led to this: “Fr. Ratzinger’s Prediction of a ‘Smaller, Purer Church’” [here]

Tuesday – A Memorial Day column by Robert Royal led to this reflection, which cites commentators from Titus Livius through John Adams, with a special cameo appearance by Augustus  Caesar: “License is Enemy to Liberty” [here]

Wednesday – This was the feast day of Blessed Margaret Pole, a believer in Faith and Family who ran afoul of the living embodiment of self-righteous self-indulgence, Henry VIII: “Blessed Margaret Pole: Martyred for Church and Marriage” [here]

and – in anticipation of Ascension Thursday: “J.S. Bach Ascension Oratorio” [here]

Thursday – The abortion industry, as we know, is sustained by a vast web of lies, none more notorious than this one:  “Abortion Myth #6 (Throwback Thursday Edition) [here]

Friday – Somebody shared a curious little article from a couple years back; who knew that atheist agitator Richard Dawkins harbored fond memories of his Anglican youth? “The ‘Cultural Christianity’ of Richard Dawkins [here]

And so goes another week - the next time we snippetize, it will be the great Feast of Pentacost - Valete Amici!