Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sunday Snippets (25 May 2014)

     Here we are, the Sixth Sunday of Easter, and the sixth "Sunday Snippets (A Catholic Carnival)" of this Holiest of Seasons.  Did I mention that Sunday Snippets is a gathering of Catholic bloggers who share their posts for the past week in a spirit of good fellowship and bloggish conviviality? This larger gathering happens at This That and the Other Thing [here], where we all try not to spill dark colored drinks on our host RAnn's carpet.
     Having learned from experience, we have simply done away with carpeting here at Principium et Finis.  We try to make up for it by covering a wide range of topics every week (sorry about that, but it's been a long week):

Spring has arrived Down East at last: Iam ver egelidos refert tepores . . . 

Monday - A fruitful staff retreat last Friday: I found an interesting book, and it got me thinking about sharing the Faith with the (almost) invincibly apathetic . . . "Evangelizing The Lukewarm" [here]

Tuesday - I couldn't resist one more foray into the whole altar girl morass, with an admixture of mortar gunnery and a little American history: "The Call to Self-Sacrifice" [here]

Wednesday - One of the enduring fables of pro-abortionism is that abortion is essential for the preservation of women's rights.  Here's where they're wrong: "Abortion Myth #13"[here]

Thursday - A recurrent feature of the current Pontificate is the attempted hijacking of various of his statements by self-appointed "agents of change" and a compliant media. This past February I used one such occasion to locate Francis where he belongs, in the company of his predecessors Leo, Pius, and John Paul. "Pope Francis Is Not A Communist! (Throwback Thursday Edition)" [here]

and -  Heard this one at Mass last Sunday, although not, of course, sung by the ladies in this clip.  My words can't do it justice. "Antonio Vivaldi - Laudamus Te" [here]

Friday - Some "minor" Saints have very Major stories to tell, such as one whose feast falls on May 23rd: "St. Julia of Corsica - A Saint For Our Times" [here]