Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Stimmt an die Saiten" from Joseph Haydn's The Creation (Die Schöpfung) & Weekly Roundup

     Today is the Sixth Sunday of Easter: He is truly Risen, alleluiah, alleluiah!
     Joseph Haydn is rightly considered one of the great composers.  He made a large contribution to the development of music in the late 18th century, not just through his own music, but through the other composers he taught and mentored.  Among his students wee two of the greatest: Mozart and Beethoven.
     Haydn also was eager to learn from other composers.  On a trip to England he became intrigued by Handel's oratorios, and wanted to try something similar in the musical vocabulary of his own day.  The result was his oratorio The Creation, finished in 1798.  The brief clip below is a chorus celebrating the 3rd day of creation.

Added Bonus: Weekly Round-up from 
Principium et Finis & Nisi Dominus

Tuesday – “The Liturgy of the Hour and You (LOH 3)” A practical discussion of how even insanely busy lay men and women can make the Liturgy of the Hours a part of their life.

Wednesday – “Spirit, Matter, and the Word of God” It's worth a little extra effort to come to know the words of Scripture, because words matter, especially those inspired by the Eternal Word Who Became Flesh.

and – “Abortion Myth #12” Apparently, it's o.k. to kill anyone, human or not, who isn't a "person"; but who gets to decide which of us are "persons" and which aren't? 

Thursday – “When ‘Progress’ Isn’t Progress”  Substituting the Wisdom of This World for what has been handed on from the beginning isn't progress.

Friday – “Archbishop Cordileone, Catholic Teachers, and the ‘TorreTest”  The Archbishop of San Francisco seems to think that he shouldn't have to pay people to subvert the Church.  The Nerve! Now if he were the owner of a sports franchise, that might be different . . .