Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Abortion Myth # 4

MYTH: "Most abortions are wrong, but exceptions should be made in cases of rape or incest."


-The paramount argument against abortion is that intentionally taking the life of an innocent human being is an intrinsically evil act; if we say that it's permissible for a woman who has been raped to kill an innocent child, we have abandoned the very foundation of the case against abortion.

-Aborting a child conceived by rape does nothing to punish the perpetrator but sentences an innocent child to death.   Rebecca Kiessling says:

Did I deserve the death penalty? My “crime” was being conceived through rape.  So the next time you hear people talking about “exceptions” to abortion for rape or incest, think of me.  I am that exception. (Rebecca’s web site here)

Rebecca Kiessling 
 -Very often the abortion is arranged by the perpetrator of rape or incest, against the wishes of the pregnant girl or woman, to cover up his crimes and to allow him to continue them (see The Elliot Institute here, and here).

-Abortion does not bring healing to a rape victim.  “Studies that examine risk factors (here) for psychological problems after abortion show that women  with a history of sexual assault or abuse are more likely to have difficulty coping after abortion.” (The Elliot Institute)

-Other findings by the Elliot Institute:
-Nearly 80 percent of the women who aborted the pregnancy reported that abortion had been the wrong solution.
 -Most women who had abortions said that abortion only increased the trauma they were experiencing.
-In many cases, the victim faced strong pressures or demands to abort.  43 percent of rape victims who aborted said they felt pressured or were strongly directed by family members or health workers to abort.
-In almost every case where an incest victim had an abortion, it was the girls’s parents or the perpetrator who made the decision and arrangements for the abortion, not the girl herself.  In several cases, the abortion was carried out against her expressed wishes, and in a few cases, without her being aware that she was pregnant or that an abortion was taking place.
-None of the women in their study group who gave birth to a child conceived in sexual assault expressed regret or wished they had aborted instead.

-Compassion demands that family, friends, Church and society do all they possibly can to support a woman in this incredibly difficult situation.  Creating another innocent victim is never a solution.


UPDATE: Just ran across this article on Lifesite News: "Priest conceived in rape: I forgave my father and heard his confession."

UPDATE: A recent post from Darlene Pawlik, another woman conceived in rape, and whose first child was also conceived by a rapist: "Kicking the Vulnerable to the Curb"

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